West Green House

West Green House View

  • West Green House is an 18th-century country house built by General Henry Hawley who as a strict disciplinarian went under the sobriquet ‘Hangman Hawley’.
  • The house is listed Grade II* and is known for its gardens and for its summer season of opera. The National Trust owned the house from 1971, after being left the property by Victor Sassoon in 1957.
  • Alistair McAlpine then acquired the lease in 1976 and restored the gardens and monuments. In 1990 the House was damaged by an IRA bomb attack.
  • Marylyn Abbott – who was formerly marketing and tourism manager of the Sydney Opera House – bought the lease from the National Trust in 1993 and has instituted an opera season which is held annually in July and August.
  • Marylyn had also previously developed her well known Kennerton Green Garden in New South Wales and has subsequently extensively remodelled the gardens at West Green House.