Update on the Lamb

November 27th Both the Parish Council and  the Heritage Society have recently written to the Mark Jaggard, Head of Place at Hart DC lamenting the continuing delay in reaching agreement on the planning application for The Lamb.

Councillor Diana Harvey writes:

‘This is an iconic building in Hartley Wintney, it has huge history and is one of the oldest buildings in the village. It is also the first building to be seen by anyone approaching the village along the A30. At present it is an eyesore, it is in a dilapidated state and in spite of constant pressure from our District Councillors, the Parish Council and the best efforts of the owner to comply with all the requirements of the Assistant Conservation Officer no progress seems to have been made towards an agreement enabling this potentially beautiful building to be brought up to date.

We understand the complexity of the application, made more so by the listed status of the building being delivered after the application had been lodged. However, a more positive approach to move this application forward would be appreciated and we are writing to you now in the hope that you can play a part in bringing this to a satisfactory conclusion.

We kindly request that this correspondence is included published on the HDC planning portal, within the planning application file.’

These sentiments are echoed by the Heritage Society whose letter can be found on the Planning Matters page.