HWCC application for Felling of 1x London Plane tree & 4 Oaks

The Hartley Wintney Cricket Club recently submitted an application to Hart District Council requesting approval for the felling of 1 London plane tree & 4 oak trees along the drainage ditch in front of the Cricketers pub on Oakland Terrace. 


The Parish Council submitted the following comments for consideration by Hart District Council:

‘Objection:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Councillors are aware that the growth pattern of these trees is such that in double their current lifespan they will resemble the oaks on the HW Oak Common in size which would then be totally unacceptable in their current location. However, Councillors object to the felling of the healthy trees while accepting that the plane tree and one of the oaks may need to be removed. No substantive evidence in the form of a risk assessment to players or detailed accident occurrence has been provided. There is no evidence that expert advice has been sought in order to find an alternative solution to the problem. Councillors believe that the cricket club intends to replace the trees with more suitable specimens, i.e. trees which grow from a vertical tap route. However, until such intention is confirmed from the cricket club HWPC would ask that permission for the felling of these trees be withheld.’

We have today been informed that HDC will be looking to apply Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) to the healthy Oak and in the meantime requested that HW Cricket Club (HWCC) withdraw their application, which has been done.

By applying TPOs on the trees, future applications for works to the trees can be reviewed in a more appropriate way taking account of potential negative impact on the Cricket Green.

HWCC would like to state that their intentions and actions were based on information received from HDC with the objective of maintaining The Green for the benefit of all.