Oak Common 2

Hartley Wintney Parish Council (HWPC) is committed to preserving and protecting the environment and the natural heritage of the Parish by adopting an environmental and sustainability policy. This was approved by the Full Council on 5th September 2022.

HWPC recognises that a climate emergency has been declared at national, regional and within some organisations, local level.  Hart District Council has a Climate Change Action Plan to reach zero net emissions by 2040, and HWPC will do all it can to support and emulate the aims of that Action Plan.

HWPC’s vision for Hartley Wintney is that of a thriving community that is environmentally sustainable and socially just. As a Parish Council we recognise that the natural heritage, greenspaces, footpaths, and ponds contribute to the quality of life for villagers and the wider community. Our aim is to carry out our duties with environmental consideration and efficiency, actively seeking to protect and enhance the local environment and biodiversity within the Parish whilst endeavouring to ensure wider adverse environmental impact does not occur as a result.

We will consider the impact our activities have on both climate change and biodiversity issues and will endeavour to introduce measures that either mitigate negative outcomes or actively support beneficial outcomes, where this is practicable and affordable within the resources and financial capabilities of the Parish Council.

In the light of the current climate change national emergency, this policy will be reviewed annually to incorporate up to date national legislation, local authority policy, and emerging technology.

We encourage you to read through the Environmental and Sustainability Policy here, and welcome any suggestions and feedback by completing the form below.