You may well have spotted our new speed indicators situated along the Fleet Road, on the approach to Hartley Row. They will be rotated around the village periodically, initially focusing on the 4 main routes in and out of the village.

We are confident that they will encourage drivers to slow down and stay within the speed limits whilst driving through the Village.

In addition to the new speed indicators, the Parish Council has also signed up to the ’20 is Plenty for us’ campaign. This is a grassroots campaign to encourage Hampshire County Council to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit in urban and village areas across the county. More broadly, counties such as Lancashire and throughout Wales and cities such as Brighton, Portsmouth & Southampton have adopted a 20mph limit. More locally, Greywell and Odiham have signed up to the campaign. Hampshire County Council have a working group focusing on this campaign and are due to report in September this year.

We will be sure to share more news when we are able to!