Nut Walk December 22

Rejuvenation work to "Nut Walk" at the Vaughan Millennium Orchard

HWPC hosted a volunteer session with Hart District Council Countryside volunteers yesterday at the Vaughan Millennium Orchard. Together with Julian Martin (HWPC Horticulture and Amenities Officer) they made a great start on renovating the “Nut Walk” pedestrian entrance to the Orchard.

You will notice that Nut Walk now looks significantly different as we have coppiced all the nut trees down to ground level and cleared away a lot of dead or unnecessary material. This is in readiness for the planned regrowth and ongoing management over the coming years as we rejuvenate the entrance, giving it the tender loving care it deserves. The coppiced nut trees, with their original labels are very much alive and will regrow in the new year.

Our Horticulture and Amenities Officer has put an update on the notice board at the entrance to the Orchard that states:

“Rejuvenation of Nut Walk – The entrance pathway to the Orchard is undergoing long term restoration under the management of the Parish Council commencing with the coppicing of the Nut Trees – December 2022”