Fleet Road

August 2020 To help minimise the risk of Covid 19 infection and support local businesses, Fleet Road will be closed between Victoria Road and Church Road until further notice. More detailed plans and information can be found at www.hart.gov.uk and any comments can be sent to email FleetRoad@Hart.gov.uk. It's possible that as a result we may see more traffic in the High Street - please share any concerns you may have by email to admin@hartleywintney-pc.gov.uk

Hattons Pond

August 3rd 2020 The long awaited refurbishment of the iconic Hattons Pond has been further delayed by evidence of metallic pollution. The Parish Council has been advised specialist - and expensive- treatment is needed to allow it to be disposed in an environmentally friendly way. As a measure of good business practice, we have agreed to fund a second opinion on the contamination which will give us a better understanding of how to move on.

Community Questionnaire

August 2020 We are being encouraged by Government to think carefully about how we can best support the Community in a post Covid environment. As part of this exercise you will by now have received a Hartley Wintney Community Questionnaire – please do take the time to fill it in and send it back to the Parish Office or use one of the collection boxes in the HIgh Street.

Nero's Brewery

August 2020 The pre-application planning submission to build a row of four terraced houses at Nero's Brewery has been withdrawn for the time being primarily in response to concerns raised by Hart District Council about the potential flooding risk.

Travis Perkins Yard

September 1st 2020 A sign has been put up advertising the site for sale with freehold. The agents tell us that Travis Perkins are trying to assess the level of interest and whether or not they should seek outline planning permission or leave that to a developer.

Government Planning White Paper

September 2nd 2020 Last month the Government issued a White Paper "Planning for the Future' for consultation. The Parish Council is reviewing the implications of the Paper and will be responding either independently or as part of a consortium of local parish councils.

Community Bus

September 4th 2020 The Community Bus is now back with a restricted service which because of the Covid regulations must be pre-booked . Plans are currently being formulated to offer a pre-booked commuter service.