Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee is comprised of up to any six members of the Parish Council and should include the Chairmen from the Finance and Policy Standing Committees. Where the nature of the discussion is deemed confidential under section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the meeting will be closed to the public.

One meeting will be held every year to review all staff contracts, job descriptions and payscales. Otherwise, meetings will be convened as and when necessary, e.g. to deal with grievance or disciplinary matters; for staff recruitment; or to deal with other emerging personnel matters. The following is a brief resume of the Standing Committee’s areas of responsibility:

  • Expenditure approval in line with allocation budget (see Annual Budget)
  • Managing staff recruitment including advertising, selecting and interviewing candidates and to make an appointment within budgetary constraints
  • To form a recruitment panel when required consisting of up to three committee members plus the Executive Clerk
  • The execution of new employment contracts and any changes to contracts, as guided by the Executive Clerk
  • To agree performance management methods, including annual appraisals, for all staff, as carried out by the Executive Clerk
  • Overseeing the disciplinary process in accordance with the Council’s disciplinary procedure
  • Overseeing the grievance process in accordance with the Council’s grievance procedure
  • Managing any process leading to dismissal of staff including redundancy
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee for the review of staff salary pay scales for all staff
  • Monitoring and addressing regular or sustained staff absence
  • Managing staff training and development
  • To provide support to the Executive Clerk for Parish Team management
  • Provide direct line management for Executive Clerk; recording and monitoring absences and handle any grievances, disciplinary or pay disputes
  • To deal with any other matter that a meeting of the Full Council considers appropriate to be referred to the Staffing Committee

Appeals relating to disciplinary, grievance or pay decisions will be heard in line with the relevant procedures by three members of the Council, plus the Executive Clerk where appropriate, who have not been previously involved in the matter and which may include members of the Staffing Committee.

Due to the timings stipulated in the Council’s relevant employment policies the appeals panel will be organised directly between the Committee members.

As in line with Hartley Wintney Parish Council Financial Regulations, this Standing Committee shall have authority to spend items up to £5000, as identified via the Community Aspirations and Projects List. It is recommended that the Projects list is ratified at Full Council prior to submission of the following year’s budget.

Any items which exceed this amount or are in addition to the pre-approved Projects List, must be as a recommendation to the next Parish Council meeting.