Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is comprised of at least six members. It is advised that the Policy Committee is not comprised wholly of members who are also on the Finance Committee in the interests of transparency. The following is a brief resume of the Standing Committee’s areas of responsibility:

  • Maintenance and monitoring of Policy Documents (Standing Orders & Financial Regulations remain the responsibility of the Executive Clerk)
  • Distribution of Policy documents to be produced or updated by relevant Committees
  • Publication Scheme & Complaints Procedure
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Register of Members Interests
  • Contractual matters (excluding staff)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Victoria Hall Charity Management Committee liaison
  • Media liaison
  • Parish Council Compliance (as directed by the Executive Clerk)
  • Asset and stock management for Insurance

There is currently no budget allocated to this Committee 2020/2021.

Details of the Policy Committee meetings can be found in Agendas and Minutes.