Mission and Vision Statements

Developing the new website has caused us to reflect on whether as a Parish Council we should have a Mission and Vision statement.

Mission Statement

As it happens, we had already done some work on a Mission statement asking ourselves the following questions: – What do we do/whom do we serve/how do we serve them?

We came up with following – after much discussion it has to be said!

‘We are local residents working to support and enhance village life’

An alternative might be, for example:

 ‘To sustain and grow a successful, safe and caring community by representing and serving the best interests of those who live or invest in it’


There has, however, been no discussion so far on a Vision Statement so to get the ball rolling I have penned the following against the context of what we aspire to become as a community.

Our Village

Hartley Wintney continues to be a unique, and cherished village making it a highly sought-after place to visit, work and live. It has retained its essential character with its attractive heritage and distinctive village centre surrounded by open countryside. It remains a place to enjoy and explore with shops and businesses which thrive both daytime and evening.

Our Community

We remain a vibrant, sustainable and forward-looking community for all ages recognised for the commitment of our volunteers. The challenges of caring for and supporting an ageing community are blended with the need to improve the overall health and well-being of all – in particular the disadvantaged. The community involvement in local clubs and organisations continues to thrive and provides a range of activities to benefit all.

The Parish Council

The Parish Council continues to play a full and active role in safeguarding the heritage and well-being of the village and its community. It acts as a focus for local opinion getting things done in a way that is best suited to the community. In addition to the statutory responsibilities, it remains flexible and responsive and continues to deliver value for money services effectively managing the many popular community events and its assets such as the Community Bus, Jubilee Field, Victoria Hall and St Marys Pavilion. At the core of this activity is a strong commitment to a sustainable environment.

I will be sharing these thoughts with my fellow councillors but would welcome any suggestions/feedback you have. Do email me: