Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, representatives of the four other Standing Committees and one other member. In the event that the Chairman of a standing Committee is also the Chairman or Vice Chairman, other members can be appointed. The total number of members of the Finance Committee should be at least six. The following is a brief resume of the Standing Committee’s areas of responsibility:

  • Maintenance of the Parish Council accounts
  • Provision of grants
  • Banking arrangements
  • Investments
  • Public Works Loan Board
  • Implementation of financial internal & external audit recommendations
  • Preparation of the precept and annual budgets, via the collation of Committee produced budgets
  • Maintenance of the asset register
  • Expenditure approval in line with allocation budget (see Annual Budget)
  • Tender notices
  • Assessment and management of Parish Council reserves
  • Review of staff salary payscales for annual budgeting purposes in conjunction with the Staffing Committee

As in line with Hartley Wintney Parish Council Financial Regulations, this Standing Committee shall have authority to spend items up to £5000, as identified via the Community Aspirations and Projects List. It is recommended that the Projects list is ratified at Full Council prior to submission of the following year’s budget.

Any items which exceed this amount or are in addition to the pre-approved Projects List, must be as a recommendation to the next Parish Council meeting.

All resource and staffing financial items will be discussed confidentially under the Finance Committee

 Staffing concerns, appraisals, disciplinary or capability issues will be dealt directly with the Chairman of the Parish Council and Executive Clerk, if appropriate, and ratified via a Confidential Agenda item in Full Council.

 The following is a brief resume of the Finance Committee’s areas of responsibility for staffing:

  • Expenditure approval in line with allocation budget (see Appendix B)
  • Approval of staff recruitment including advertising costs and confirming appointment within budgetary constraints.
  • Recommendations for the review of staff salary payscales for all staff
  • Ratifying Staff salary scales and annual costs.

Details of the Finance Committee meetings can be found in Agendas and Minutes.