Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are held in the Lady Kaye Meeting Room which is situated behind the Appleton Hall; Standing Committee meetings are held in the Parish Council Committee Room which is located above the Appleton Hall*.

The Full Parish Council meets on the first Monday of each month (excluding Bank Holidays when the meeting is deferred to the following Monday) and Standing Committees meet on intervening Monday evenings and/or Thursdays as required by the business they need to conduct; all meetings begin at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise on the meeting notice.

Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Parish Council’s HWPC Standing Orders 2020.  All meetings are open to the public except when specific items, normally staff or commercially sensitive matters are being discussed when it may be considered prudent to exclude the public.

All meetings shall have an Open Forum to provide an opportunity for the public to speak. In accordance with Standing Orders, the Council or Committee Chairman may adjourn a meeting during a particular item to hear from a member of the public if it is of relevance to the matter under consideration.

*Current legislation via the Coronavirus Act 2020, s.78 and the Local Authorities and Police Crime Panels (Coronavirus, Flexibility of Local Authority and Police Crime Panel Meetings, England and Wales) Regulations 2020 permits Councils to hold virtual meetings whereby Council Members can attend the meeting remotely online or by phone.

These meetings are to be made accessible to the Public by way of phone or online – please see meeting paperwork for guidance on how to join this meeting.

Standing Committees

The Parish Council operates a committee structure, with the majority of its work carried out by its five Standing Committees. The Standing Committees are essentially autonomous and are responsible for setting and spending their own budget, within the constraints of the Financial Regulations. The Council may also establish sub-committees and working parties. Such groups report through their ‘parent’ Standing Committee, which in turn report to the Parish Council, as required.

Full Parish Council is responsible for expenditure approval of any items under allocated Full Council budget, however these may be delegated to a relevant Standing Committee, if deemed appropriate within the constraints of the Financials Regulations and agreed with a majority vote at Full Council meeting.

The quorum requirement for each Committee is no less than three Committee members.

Standing Committees are appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held in May. The Standing Committee Chairman is appointed by the relevant Committee at the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman of the Parish Council is automatically a member of each Standing Committee.

The five Standing Committees are:

Members of Standing Committees may be appointed to represent their Committee to outside bodies in order to research items under consideration and may be given delegated authority in advance to act as required on a specific matter. To ensure that members are not working independently of the council, all correspondence must be approved by the Parish Office and members should report back to the relevant standing committee at the next meeting.

Minutes of Standing Committees are approved at its next meeting (not that of the Parish Council) although are issued in draft at each Full Parish Council meeting for information. If required under a “Standing Committee Report” agenda item its Chairman can table for the Parish Council Meeting:

  • matters which by virtue of Standing Orders or Financial Regulations require approval of Full Council
  • matters of particular relevance and/or concern to all members.

The “Standing Committee Report” is an opportunity for all members to briefly comment on Committee business, without a full discussion regarding the minutes from each Committee taking place.

Members may raise items not included on the meeting agenda under the “Parish Councillor’s Matters” agenda item during which any matter may be discussed however no formative decision may be made under this agenda item.

It is recommended for each Standing Committee to name two additional ‘Stand in’ members who may be called upon if a Committee is not quorate. These named members will have full voting rights for the Committees they have been linked to.

For further information on the current Standing Committee memberships, please see Councillors.