Hatton's Pond

Annual Report 2021/22

Please see the following information showing a summary of the Parish Council’s meetings, activities and financial spend at the end of the financial year.

If any residents would like a printed copy of the Annual Report 2021/22, please email admin admin@hartleywintney-pc.gov.uk.


Richard Dodds Profile

Chairman's Message

Council Information

Parish Council Activities 2021

Meeting Calendar

Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 March 2022

Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 31_03_2022

Agreed Budget (Precept) 2022.23

HW Precept Form 2022-23

Essential Guide to the Community Bus and the Annual Parish Report 2022



The Parish Council relies on numerous people – staff, Ward Councillors, volunteers, individuals, local groups, consultants, contractors and suppliers – for the success of its work; this Annual Report provides an opportunity for acknowledgment.


Karyn Reid – Executive Clerk

Sarah Daly – Deputy Clerk – Events & Amenities

Mandy Smith – Community Bus Administrator

Julian Martin – Horticulture & Amenities Officer

Helen King – Support & Communications Officer

Alan Williams – Community Bus Driver

Den Coates – Community Bus Driver

Ward Councillors

County Cllr. Tim Davies

District Cllr. Anne Crampton

District Cllr. Tim Southern

District Cllr. Spencer Farmer

Thank you to all our Community Groups, Contractors and Volunteers who support various aspects of the community –your efforts and kindness make a real difference to life in our lovely village.

Photo kindly provided by Derek Trendell