Community Pantry

Hart Community Pantry

Hart District Council has teamed up with Yateley Industries and St Edward to provide a new Community Pantry in Hart.

The pantry, located at Yateley Industries, Mill Lane in Yateley, is to help and encourage families that need a little bit of support to manage and budget through tough times by providing food shopping at a reduced price.

It aims to help as many residents as possible on a weekly basis and shoppers will find a range of fresh, frozen and general foods. There is no referral necessary, and anyone can sign up for membership. Shoppers will pay £5 membership for each visit and will be able to choose a minimum of £15 worth of food.

Should you require transport to the pantry, there will be a FREE Community Bus trip which will be a door to door collection service.

If you would like to enquire about the next trip and book a space please call 01252 849712 between 9am – 3pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 1pm Friday.

When is the pantry open? The pantry will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am until 2pm.

Who can use the pantry?  The pantry helps anyone needing a helping hand to manage and budget through these tough times.

How much does the pantry cost and what do you get?  You pay a £5 membership per shop, receiving goods valued at £15+ (limited to 1 shop a week).  You will be able to choose 10x red items (value less than £1) and 2x blue items (value more than £1) and a veggie/fruit bag.

What items will be available?  You will find a range of fresh, frozen and general foods. This will change on a weekly basis, based on what is received from suppliers. Occasionally there will be offers and meal deals.

How long can you be a member for?  As long as you need to be.

What to expect on your first visit: You will be shown around the pantry and allowed to pick your own items. There will be a variety of stock for you to enjoy picking from. The staff at the pantry will provide you with a FREE thermometer and ask that on future visits you provide a fridge and freezer reading. This is for food safety reasons only.

What to bring on each visit: Please bring along your member number, a bag to carry your food home in and your fridge/freezer reading (after your first visit only).

How to sign up: You can sign up by visiting the pantry in person, or by calling 01252 872337.