Heatwave Uk

Residents asked to prepare for Heatwave Level 4

With the Met Office raising its weather alert to Level 4 in some parts of the country and the Government declaring a national emergency, we are sharing advice to residents to keep safe and well as the temperatures are set to this week.

Staying well

Severe heat is dangerous to everyone, but young children and the elderly are more susceptible to the effects of heat; and those with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are particularly vulnerable, especially when temperatures remain abnormally high for a prolonged period. Other people may need support if they are less able to take actions to keep themselves cool, for example those with Dementia or learning disabilities

Residents are being asked to consider others also and where possible, to check in on family who don’t live within their household, friends and neighbours.

Hot weather can also adversely affect pets. The RSPCA provides online advice to help owners prevent their pets from overheating

More information as well as support helpline details can be found on Hampshire County Council’s website www.hants.gov.uk/