**Due to delivery delays, this closure has been postponed from October.  Hardings Lane will be closed for 4 days only within a two week period starting 5th December 2022.**

Hart District Council have informed of the following planned closure of Hardings Lane.

Hardings Lane will be closed to allow for works access from  3rd October 2022 – for approx. 2 weeks – please note that the road will be closed for just four days during this period. 

All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along that length of Hardings Lane approximately 20m from its junction with the A30 London Road, as indicated by traffic signs. The closure is necessary on safety grounds to allow for works access.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Lofthouse Residences on info@lofthouseresidences.com

View the public notice here

View the diversion route here