Greening Campaign

Hartley Wintney Parish Council are proud to be linking with The Greening Campaign to address the challenges of climate change in a  community wide project.

As communities, we are now faced with two crises.  1. The energy crises exasperated by the Ukraine War, and 2. The Climate Crises exasperated by our lifestyle and attitude to CO2 emissions.  Climate Change has become both a National and International problem, rising higher on the political agenda on a weekly basis.

The predicted effects of Climate Change are now beginning to affect life across the world, as well as in the UK which has seen some pretty extreme weather. There are now national and international cries for something to change on a monumental scale – yet the problem is so big, individuals feel powerless and isolated, wondering how they can possibly make a difference.

The power of the individual lies in the community. By acting together, your voice becomes an effective tool, both in reducing CO2 and also, your spending power effecting what products are sold on the shelves in shops. A green economy gives good living conditions for everyone, reduces fuel bills and builds on community strength – the future is actually very positive!

This campaign is designed to be an effective community response to two international problems. It is designed so all members of that community feel they have influence through small, inexpensive actions. It is also designed to be fun and inclusive.

If we come together we have the opportunity to help reduce the effects of Climate Change, for example, by reducing energy use, creating space for nature and understanding how health can be impacted and improved.

Potential activities could be grouped under three ‘pillars’

  1. Energy efficiency – reducing energy use in general and to support those in fuel poverty.
  2. Creating and improving space for nature and wildlife.
  3. Health & Wellbeing.

These are broad headings for very weighty topics which will need a great deal of thought, planning and engagement from the community. Our thinking here is to set up a number of working parties to take these topics further.

For more information about the Greening Campaign, please visit their website www.greening-campaign.org