Consultation Now Open until 04 July 2022

Fleet Civic Quarter Regeneration Consultation

Hart Council has launched a Fleet Civic Quarter Regeneration Consultation which is now open and runs until Monday 4 July. A specific page has been created on the HDC website giving more details.

The questionnaire asks respondents to say how important 8 aspects of regeneration are:

  • A dynamic, active town square all year round
  • A better connected town centre
  • Enhancing the cultural scene in Hart
  • Encouraging increased footfall to support the high street
  • An Inclusive space for all generations
  • Creating places to meet, socialise and celebrate
  • Prioritising sustainable, healthy design
  • Upgraded, modernised community facilities

Residents are then asked to choose their top-3 uses to which the Civic Quarter space can be put as well as asking respondents to rank the relative importance of 10 “critical success factors”.  The final two questions are freeform and ask people to set out their hopes and concerns about regeneration of the area.