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Hart Garden Village Project

21 January 2021

This will be more familiar to you as the proposed Shapley Heath development but I refuse to legitimise it by acknowledging it in this way. Despite it being ruled out of Hart’s Local Plan by the Government Inspector, despite it not be justified by the housing numbers and despite the unsuitability of the location, it still rolls on.

Currently there is a push from Hart by the end of this month or early February to put in place the Community Engagement Model shown on the image to the left.

In slightly more detail the scope of the groups will be:

Community Wellbeing              

  • Community identity & services
  • Employment opportunities
  • Community cohesion

Homes & Heritage

  • Housing mix & design
  • Heritage & design guides

Sustainable Transport

  • Integrated and sustainable transport
  • Modal shift

Green Spaces

  • Green infrastructure
  • Leisure & play
  • Ecology & biodiversity

Future Proofing

  • Resilience to climate change
  • Positive response to changing circumstances
  • Innovation & Technology

It is not clear who was invited to the briefing meeting held last Thursday or what the criteria for being invited was although Diana Harvey as Chair of the Planning Committee and myself were there. We have subsequently received an invitation to put ourselves forward for no more than two of the groups which presumably has gone out to all attendees, again, how membership will be managed is not clear.

I will undertake to share more information with you as it becomes available.

Chris Farrance


e: chris.farrance@hartleywintney-pc.gov.uk