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Waggon & Horses Public House

15 July 2021

I met with Kaesy, Landlord of the Waggon & Horses, on Wednesday afternoon to share our concern for his future and that of the pub that he so energetically represents.

He tells me:

  • The trigger to the current situation is that his lease expires on 31st July
  • His view is that the discussions to date over a revised tenancy agreement for the next five years do not reflect the value he and his team have brought to the business.
  • Keeping the business going in the Covid environment has been demanding and he will not carry on unless there is a better offer recognising his contribution to the business.
  • Discussions are continuing and should he stay on he will be looking for a break of several months to recharge his batteries.

Kaesy very much appreciates the support and goodwill of those who have championed his cause and believes that Stonegate – the pub owners – are now sufficiently sensitised to the weight of community opinion. From a Parish Council perspective, the Wagon is listed as a Community Asset and we clearly have a vested interest in ensuring its wellbeing and to that end I have asked for a meeting with Stonegate.

In addition Dorothy Harvey (Chair of the Community Hub) and I have jointly written to our MP Ranil Jayawardena.

Chris Farrance
Chairman Hartley Wintney Parish Council