Team Hartley Wintney - Commitment & Professionalism

3 August 2021

I had an aspiration when I became Chairman in May 2019 to have an outreach programme to meet with as many of the community groups as possible within my first 100 days that make up ‘Team Hartley Wintney’. Needless to say, that was knocked for the proverbial six by Covid!

Rather belatedly then, I was able to sit in on a Green Oaks Federation School Governors meeting in July. I was in awe of the total commitment and professionalism of the group and the profoundly evidence based presentation of the headteacher Sue Tadman. I was particularly interested to hear how the schools address the broader pastoral support they provide – they have a Wellbeing Room – and their thoughts on expanding the use of the playing fields for the community as a whole. The Parish Council will be very happy to continue this dialogue.

The notion of ‘Team Hartley Wintney’ came from David Bartlett – Watch Manager at the Fire Station, when I attended one of their training sessions just recently. It was particularly interesting as our station deals not just with fires but also has a Rescue mandate – covering road traffic accidents for example. It was an opportunity for the volunteer firefighters to familiarise themselves with new kit in a ‘mock ’ accident, with a real car and volunteer driver! There was a lot of controlled violence as doors, windows and the roof eventually were removed in a very structured and tightly managed way. I guess nobody wants to be in that sort of situation, but again the commitment and professionalism was outstanding.

These teams, and others too many to mention here – of subject matter experts form an important part of the community – a ‘Community of All Ages’ as I like to visualise it. It was good to see, too, the Heritage Society AGM so well attended and we can hopefully look forward to our Youth Summer Programme and the Village Festival on September 4th as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Stay safe!

Chris Farrance
Chairman Hartley Wintney Parish Council